So, have you heard?

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So, have you heard? The current administration is not supporting the production of clean energy. Let me say that again. The current administration of our federal government is not supporting the production of clean energy.

Why? They give their reasons, but to me, there is no acceptable reason for not supporting the production of clean energy.

Here are my reasons for supporting clean energy:

  1. Clean Energy is produced locally. Solar panels are used to produce energy for their regions. Wind farms produce energy for the communities near them. Hydroelectric plants are placed in proximity to the homes and businesses that they serve. Geothermal is usually immediately below or beside the building that will use the energy.
  2. Clean Energy means jobs.
  3. It is a national security imperative. If we are, as a nation, in a state of crisis it weakens us to be reliant on sources outside of ourselves, on our sovereign soil. As stated in number 1, Clean Energy is produced locally making it more secure.
  4. It helps us Save the Planet. Instead of focussing on how to reduce emissions from fossil fuels, let’s balance then with Clean Energy.
  5. Clean Energy is resilient. In the event of a catastrophic event, it is easier and faster t reinstate a solar farm than a coal-powered plant.

So why would you not support the production of Clean Energy? We must all show our support for Clean Energy any time and every time the opportunity arises.



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