Remember the Ozone?

We are always looking for ways to be better. We are always looking fo the next best thing. We are always trying to exceed our most recent goal. I believe this and it is a part of my life, but sometimes I wonder.

I wonder if I am doing everything that I can to save the planet. I wonder if I am doing everything that I can to build and grow my passion. I wonder if I will ever accomplish my mission. Saving the plant is such a daunting mission that I often wonder, how are we going to get this done.


Lately, I been inspired by learning about what happened  to the hole in the ozone layer of our earth. Remember that? Remember in the 70’s when scientist found that the ozone layer had been depleted? A “hole” was forming in the stratosphere over Antarctica. The entire planet was alarmed and we started doing something about it.

We were taught that a variety of chlorine-containing chemicals were the cause, and we decided to start eliminating the use of those chemicals. We banned the use of certain refrigerants in our air conditioning systems and aerosols in our hair sprays and shaving creams. There was an international agreement signed in 1987.


Today, the ozone is repairing itself and the hole is shrinking. It is predicted that there may be a full recovery by 2050. So we did it for the ozone, not it is time to do it for climate change.

The battle for the ozone taught us that each small step moves us closer to the goal and that each of us has to play our part in getting it done. I am doing my part in focusing on the impacts of construction on this planet.

Let’s decide to save the plant.

How about that?


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