Thinking Green

How do I “think green”? This is a very common question. Well, it starts with what is the goal of “thinking green”? The goal is to save the planet.

What a lofty goal? SAVE THE PLANET! And why are we saving the planet? Easy, because we want a safe, productive, inspirational place for our children’s, children’s, children to live.

It is each generations responsibility to take care of the environment for future generations.

Every family wants their family to be great. Many think about leaving a legacy. As humans, we often contemplate immortality. Well, death will come to us all, but your reputation will live forever. Thinking green is about ensuring that our reputation is a legacy of managing our resources better than anyone in the history of the world.

The economy is a subset of the environment. How can that be, you say? It is because the basic elements of the economy are raw materials supplied by the earth. In the construction industry alone we use resources like iron ore for steel, oil for fuel, water for manufacturing, wood for construction, sand for glass production, etc., etc., etc. The list just goes on and on. So when you add other industries it is evident that our economy would not exist without our environment. It even takes trees, silk, and oil to make the all mighty dollar bill.

man standing on grass field
Photo by Martin Péchy on

Therefore it is in our own best interest to “think green” and protect our environmental resources. Doing this means:

  1. Reducing energy consumption, because it reduces the use of fossil fuels like gas, oil, and coal. This leaves more available for future generations.

  2. Reducing water consumption, because it leaves more fresh water available for drinking and growing food for us to eat.

  3. Reducing carbon dioxide production, because it enables each of us to live healthier lives. Allowing us strength and longevity to be more productive.

Thinking green means paying attention to the fuel that I use. Paying attention to the water that I consume. Paying attention to the quality of the air that I breathe. Paying attention to what is it that each of us does or does not do that has an adverse affect o our environment.

It’s not about 100% perfection. It’s not about living off the grid. It’s not about having a zero carbon footprint, or zero waste, or zero energy. Those goals are great, but we must remember that it is about doing something every day. Each small thing builds into a great mountain when done by everyone.

So, let’s start here. THINK GREEN!


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