You can save the planet!


I had a meeting today with two concerned parents who wanted to know what they could do to ensure that the construction of their child’s new school was “Green”. They are concerned about energy consumption and indoor air quality. They used terms like “Net Zero” and they wanted everyone to understand the impact of daylighting on well-being.

We talked about the LEED rating systems and what the pros and cons were. We also talked about strategy and how to determine if this is important to other parents or students and even the staff, faculty and the community at large. I was in heaven.

It was a little bit of nirvana for me to talk with fellow advocates. People who are as excited about green construction as I am. Some might say that these are “my people”.

Why does talking with my people excite me so much? Because it is through people that we will save the planet.

All of the money in the world alone, will not do it.

All of the information or knowledge alone, will not do it.

All of the the plans or rating systems alone, will not do it. 

What will do it is people taking action. People taking each step to make a difference. People deciding that they want the change needed to save our planet.

When this directs the money, knowledge, and plans then we will have the change that we desire. The change that will save us all.

When we change our thoughts, we change our lives!


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